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Smile Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing

I have just got back from an appointment with the COPD nurse, I have had breathing difficulties, phelm, cough, nausea problems for a long time now. I have had a chest xray, an ECG, an inhaler and lots of blood tests but to no avail, then today she tells me it could be acid reflux. Lots of appointments to doctors, several hours spent having tests, feeling like I am losing my mind, I hope she has hit upon the right diagnosis, she has given me PPI's to start taking, I have my fingers crossed they work. I can totally empathiase with every one on this thread, it is a nightmare to go through and you feel like it is never going to end, I never knew before today that breathing problems could be linked to acid. I wish everyone luck and hope they feel better soon, fingers crossed I will