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Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.

Originally Posted by lege009 View Post

I am having the exact same symptoms as you. Particularly with the sensation shooting down the legs and making them tingly. Im curious if you've ever been concretely diagnosed with anything. I've been to cardiologists and 3 neurologists and nobody has been able to explain these electrical sensations in my sternum. Ive had sleep studies, heart tests, everything imaginable. Should I go see a GI doctor? Anyone with help, please write. I'm desperate for answers.

Thank You
I have made some big progress with my porblem. I found it had nothing directly to do with digestion though it is involved via nervous system. I went to the chiropractor on the NHS - they adjusted my back and neck. They said I had a sublux - mechanical problem in my spine - so they adjusted it and loosened the muscles in the neck. It didn't immediately wave magic wands but the problem has never been as bad since and has been getting better. I have also have dyspraxia which affects the way the brain sends messages via the nervous system. Please note, I had to do my own research on this - doctors tend to refer to text books every time they diagnose, anything outside this they need help from the patient - after all we are the ones suffering. I was just lucky enough that my doctor was prepared to look at my evidence and take me seriously. Not all of them are like that - they don't like being told. Anway the electrical shocks on the whole are not so severe now and I'm getting regular sleep.