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Re: I could use some expert advice!!!

Most western osteoporosis is probably based on an improper diet. Americans have some of the highest dietary calcium intake in the world via dairy products and supplements yet the highest rates of bone loss. Studies have shown that calcium, especially when taken alone, may actual aggravate bone loss. Eastern diets are relatively low on calcium yet osteoporosis occurs far less often. The answer is in a balanced diet where one gets all the key ingredients that are in the bone making cycle - calcium, Vit D, vit K. Things in our diets that can speed up calcium being stripped from the bones: too much animal protein, dairy products, caffeine (ie soda too), too many oxalates that bind up calcium, and lack of exercise. Basically, a well rounded healthy diet will take care of most everything except possibly the vit D and vit K. A poor diet that tends to strip away calcium and inadequate levels of sunshine (D3) and vit K (leafy greens) pretty much sets oneself up. If any one of these ingredients is missing or lacking you won't build adquate bone. Taking a Ca-Mg-D3-K2 supplement won't necessarily counter the effects of poor dietary choices and it's questionable the potency of such supplements vs. the real thing. One can never be sure what they get in a supplement unless it has been independently tested for potency. Natural is easier and safer. Having IBS is just another reason to try to go as all natural as you can and distance yourself from all processed foods, chemicals, additives, and toxins.

Before adding additional supplemental calcium to my diet I would at least first attempt to get it from optimizing food sources first (minimal oxalates and minimal dairy - esp. with the link to IBS). Vit D is easily gotten from daily exposure to sunshine. In winter months you can supplement if you live beyond 35 deg North (or South) parallel. I don't feel one can get optimum Vit D from foods. Vit K is difficult to get these days. That's one I do supplement with. The RDA for Vit D at 30 ng/ml may not be optimum for maximizing bone building. It certainly isn't optimum for overall health.

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