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Deviated septum and teeth griding

Hello....I have had two sleep studies done and both shwo mild apena. Not bad enough for CPAP but my TMJ doc (who is board certified with Am Associ of Crianal Pain). I was in a 24/7 splint for 4 weeks to give my jaw time to relax and then a night time guard that I will wear forever. I grind my teeth at night. My TMJ doc takes a holistic approach and looks at other things that could be causing the issues. I have been going to a chriroprator which has helped some. She recented sent me to an ENT becasue she still thinks alot of my problems come from not breathing correctly at time ;thus making me grind and clench my teeth becasue I get anxious due to not getting enough air. I saw the ENT yesterday and he works with TMJ patients as well. He did say that there seems to be a corrlatoin between breathing problems and grinding teeth. He did a CT of my head/sinuses and I have a huge deviated left spetum. It touches the back of my nasal passage so basically minimal air passes through. He is suggesting repair of the deviated septum in hopes to open my airway and breathe better at night to help reduse the grinding....anyone else familair with this or has had this done and if so did it help with the grinding?

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