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Re: Drinking alcohol

Just as an anecdotal story, Lucy in the past half year seemed to be much lowered tolerance for alcohol. On occasion, she would be tipsy even after 1 drink. While we were out at dinner one evening in Napa Valley, she was so drunk that I had to help her to the car. The amount of wine we consumed would not have even gotten her slightly drunk in the old days. After all, they were VERY expensive wines. It seems alcohol also exacerbates her mental confusion.

In fact, lowered tolerance for alcohol was one of the first major signs I noticed this half year, just before I found this board and ask you all for help. Another alcohol-related issue that cropped up very recently is her growing inability to self-check. She likes alcohol, and over the last vacation I had to intervene on several occasions to cut her off, or else she would keep on reordering refills.

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