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Re: Help reading my labs

Originally Posted by doodlegrl08 View Post
For one how old are you? Because those testosterone reference ranges are female ranges. Male ranges are from 348-1197. Your PSA is elevated not drastically elevated but elevated. You may check you for Prostatitis (which is a prostate infection). You have Hypothyroidism because your TSH is 3.5 you treat after a 2. You want your TSH to be around a 1 for optimal range. And your T3F should be between 3-4. So your doctor will probably start you on Levothyroxine or Armour Thyroid. Hope this helps you! Thanks
Thank you much for your reply. Sorry I should have noted that I am a 30 year old male, 5'11 150 lbs. We must be looking at different unit measurements regarding testosterone. My was done via a saliva test by ZRT Labs, and it says the range for a male between the ages of 16-30 is 72-148 pg/ml, while mine is 73, so I'm at the bottom of the barrel in that.

It seems very little "health professionals" I deal with know much about hypothyroid. One said the only thing they could after looking at my results was give me an over the counter adrenal supplement by Dr. James Wilson to support my adrenals and possibly start off on the lowest dose of T3. Others have said everything is fine. I know I'm not fine. I know how I feel is now at all how I used to feel. And I know from looking at other peoples results and comparing them to mine that I'm in desperate need of something to help my thyroids