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Re: Vertigo - possibly hormonal - PLEASE HELP

Were you tested for BPPV by an ENT who has an Epley Chair?
I am not a doctor, but was recently diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo(BPPV). This is the most common cause of dizziness, the problem is caused when small debris in the inner ear is dislodged and floats into the semicircular canal. My vertigo symptoms started after I had dental work performed and my initial thought was that I had a bad infection from that work. I suffered for 2 months before being advised to see an ENT Specialist.
My symptoms were severe bed spins usually lasting 5-10 seconds when laying down for bed, rolling over, or rising from bed. I also feeling anxious, I had trouble focusing, headaches, tired eyes and complete fatigue. Some days were terrible and I never really felt stable.
I went to an ear & balance center located in central Florida. Was diagnosed, treated and cured in one visit. The treatment was performed using an Epley chair which basically is a chair that you get strapped into and slowly they spin you in many directions while they monitor your eye movement with special goggles. The goal is to reposition that debris into the correct area in your inner ear. I left the treatment that day dizzy so I would recommend a driver. The dizziness lasted another few hours and slowly cleared. I got a good night sleep (the first in months) and woke to a stable world. It has been three weeks since the treatment and I have had no reoccurring dizziness at all.
There are instructions on doing the Epley maneuver at home, but the ENT uses the Epley chair to confirm that you have BPPV before treatment and then a computer verifies that your condition is repaired by watching your eye movements. Many people who try to performe the Epley maneuver at home only make things worse.