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Re: Help reading my labs

Thanks, I was going to say your testosterone for serum (blood) is almost nothing! There are a lot of doctor out there that do not like to treat hypothyroidism for some reason. Ask your doctor to send you to a Endocrinologist and this is a doctor specifically for hypothyroidism because you do have this and should be started on a medication. It is not HORRIBLE, but it is increased. Some symptoms you might be feeling at fatigue, shakiness, hair loss, weight gain, etc. These are all symptoms of hypothyroidism. Another thing is next time make sure they test Vitamin D for some reason everyones vitamin d is low and that can also make you feel fatigue. Vitamin d is what helps calcium make our bones strong so if we are low we are more susceptible to breaking bones or getting osteoporosis in older ages. But anyways I would talk to your doctor again about Hypothyroidism because they can start you on a thyroid medication with those numbers especially knowing your TSH is 3.5 and should be 1. Thanks!