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Husband flirting on our resort vaction, and won't apologize!

OK, usually I'm not a jealous person at all. Acutally, I'm not jealous. However, my husband and I (were around 40) recently went on a resort vacation for two nights at a nice resort hotel.

The breakfast was made to order and also there was a lot of stuff out on the bar in the mornings. Our pre-teen daughter stayed close by with relatives and on the last morning there we picked her up early to go home and all went back to the hotel to eat breakfast.

Our daughter put two croissants and cream cheese on her plate. I got up to get her a knife to spread the cheese with and looked for other stuff as well. While I was at the bar, My husband also had a croissant and the chef toasted it. He then sat down at the table with our daughter, which was pretty far from the bar. There were about 10 tables in the a lobby area.

I was still standing at the bar, when a rather obnoxious lady (also around 40, who was wearing very short shorts, with her rear almost hanging out) asked if there were any more croissants in a rather rude voice. It was loud enough to be heard throughout the lobby. Ok, she could have asked the cook. Instead, I glanced over from the bar, and saw a glimpse of my husband getting up, walking over and handing her something as she sat down at her table, but I didn't really pay attention except to wonder what he was doing.

Then a minute later the woman was out of her chair again,( in front of me holding her plate with the croissants at the bar, and announced very loudly, "can we get more croisannts, "HE gave me HIS", and there aren't anymore.

Bewildered, I went back adn sat down at my husband's table, noticing the woman's short shorts and taking in what had happened. On my resort vacation, my husband gave his plate to another woman clad in shorts with her rear hanging out. He got up from the furthest table across the lobby to do this. Then she came over in my face and announced it loudly to "stick it in my face" that my husand had paid attention to her rear hanging out of her shorts. That's the way I saw it!

Now mad, I let my husband know I was ticked. He tried to make an excuse, but, "he felt bad, because he was worried about how she might have felt because he took the last croissant", just doesn't fly.
It was a bar full of food, with a made to order chef, and this woman "HAD" to have what my husand was having? And my husband just had to do that even though he was already seated accross the lobby with croissants he had the chef toast to his liking, and it's perfectly fine for him to give a woman with her rear hanging out, HIS plate? And then have her stick it in my face? On my vacation? This woman was NOT attractive, except her rear hanging out, and she wasn't thin, but a man might find that attractive, don't know. See what I'm saying?

I don't think so! Isn't there something called respect?

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