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Re: CSF Results

HI Preserved,.

Would you believe that just because you are positive for OBands, it DOES NOT mean you have MS?

Oblinocal bands (Obands) are indicators of a autoimmune disease but are prevelant in almost all autoimmune diseases including Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many others...

Having Obands is not even criteria for diagnosing MS. In fact, 15% of MSers do not have Obands..I dont.

Do not put the cart before the horse. okay?? Even if it is MS, it doesnt change who you were 6 months ago or 6 weeks ago. It will not change who you will be 6 months from now or 6 years from now! There are so many WORSE things to have than MS....this is a very manageable disease!

Its good that you told your children; however its not something which should be life changing for any of really isnt going to change your life. You already have the aches and pains, and you will continue to have good days and bad days, but youre not dying from this and you will live a very long life without compromise- besides having to take better care of yourself! You learn from having MS to listen to your body. TO know when you need extra sleep or to call it a learn what your triggers are and how to avoid them and none of this happens overnight, but it DOES happen.

Try to take this one day at a time...Obands is an indicator, but far from a diagnosis.

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