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Re: Help reading my labs


Sorry for the reason you're here but, glad you found us.

I'm only able to interpret thyroid labs so, will comment on those

Originally Posted by bennyha View Post
Free T4-1.3 ng/dL 0.7-2.5
Free T3-2.5 pg/ml 2.5-6.5
TSH-3.5 uU/ml 0.5-3.0
TPO-25 IU/ml 0-150
The TPO test is one of the two tests for Hashi's antibodies. TPOab's are actually markers of thyroid inflammation so, your somewhat lower level probably isn't helping you get a diagnosis.

You might want to try getting a TGab (thyroglobulin antibody) test since people with Hashi's usually test positive for at least one of the two antibodies.

Your thyroid function tests indicate hypothyroidism, without a doubt.

Your over-range TSH level is telling us that your pituitary glad is screaming at your thyroid to produce more hormone.

As you can see, your actual thyroid hormone levels (FreeT4 and FreeT3) are near the bottom ends of their ranges. Healthy people have levels well above mid-range, if not closer to the high end of the range.

Endos are the least likely to recognize hypothyroidism. DO's, internists or alternative MD's usually "get thyroid".

I suggest you check the Top Thyroid Doctors site for listings of doctors in your state.

Another idea is to get contact info from local pharmacists for doctors that Rx Armour - these doctors tend to be more thyroid-savvy. You'll need to speak to the pharmacist directly and not the counter help. If the first one isn't helpful, just move onto the next.

Best of luck to you moving forward - please keep us posted.
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