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Re: CSF Results

MsNik, thanks for your response. I know the Obands occur in other auto immune diseases but considering my symptoms and the MRI results I kind of feel that it is MS. I look at some of those other diseases and don't even want to know what they are...ok I know Lupus and RA. MS is way more manageable and less frightening than a lot of diseases.

Just as you say if it is MS it won't change who I was 6 weeks ago and I take consolation in the fact that if it is I had been living with it for years without yes there won't be much difference. I have been already living/pacing myself according to symptoms the last 6 years. Fibro makes me tired and hurt so I paid for it for days if I over do it. I already use a wheelchair when travelling due to the degenerative disk disease. I wake up in panic each morning due to the PTSD. I found if I go to bed singing a song I wake up singing it and that helps with the panic.

Two of my children are adults and working and the 18 year old preparing for university so it won't affect them. I live alone with the youngest (girl) who knows my limitations and a very supportive daughter. The other 2 (men) are in the US, one a pro athlete. I did not know my daughter had already told him the probable diagnosis so he did his research and told me "Mom, it just means you will have some bad days and I will be here for you".

I will be okay and life will continue. It was more frightening when I did not understand.