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Re: Friday the 13th Tonsilectomy

Originally Posted by MommyMandi View Post
Okay so what U thought was fluid going down my throat seems to actually just be my uvula? It's super swollen and making me gag, it's irritating and I think it's going to make sleeping tough.
I ate within hours of getting my wisdom teeth out too :-) I don't do well with an empty stomach so I figured as long as I'm feeling okay I might as well try to get something down. Right now I'm focusing on ice, Minute Maid juice bars have been wonderful
Your Uvula will stay swollen for awhile, I am on Day 23 and its just now finally going back to normal. My worst nights for sleeping because of it was days 1-4 or so... I woke up a lot, not being able to breath... I will warn you, I hope it doesnt happen, but my first night. My uvula was sooo swollen I mean like literally down the back of my throat and I had so much mucus that I woke up and threw up, nothing in my tummy so luckily it wasnt as bad as it could have been. I had some blood come up but it was mostly old blood from the surgery and nothing after.. That was the only time i got sick though... The next few days, staying in bed and laying down will help with the gagging feeling. As soon as I stood up is when I could feel the Uvula...

any questions, i'm always around

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