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Re: CSF Results

I found this in one of your earlier posts- you wrote this;

I saw my PCP this evening and just as we were in the room the results came from the hospital. She is a nurse practitioner but I am comfortable with her plus there are doctors also at the clinic.

The Thoracic and cervical without dye showed zones of T2 abnormality size 3mm from T2 to T4 also at C7 and T11 3mm also. However with dye it says no abnormality was noted in the cervical and only mild enhancement noted at the the T3 level. No abnormal enhancement at the T11. Findings are felt to be most likely on the basis of demyelination in the spinal cord.

Brain: Without dye: Approximately 7 or 8 nodules of periventricular and increased flair and T2 signal are identified especially in the left hemisphere plus cysts and polyps in the sphenoid sinus.

Brain with dye: Previous examination showed a few white matter suspicious for demylinating disease. After administration of contrast, material fails to identify any abnormal enhancement in any of the patient's intra axial nodule of increaased flair signal. No abnormal intra cranial focus or enhancement is identified.

She conferred with a doctor at the clinic and they both agreed that the brain MRI with the dye does not indicate MS. She is not ruling it out and will refer me to a neurologist which will take about 3 months. She however thinks a lot of my leg symptoms has to do with the degenerative disk disease. She also found it odd that the lumbar spine result said no stenosis when I did one in 2006 and one in 2009 that showed stenosis of the lumbar/sacral region and stenosis gets worst not better or disappear.

I want you to take a breath, and go back and think about what this means. You do not have a definitive diagnosis- you do NOT meet McDonald criteria, unless I am mistaken, and more information has come to light since this update? There is no way that you will get a MS dx based on this MRI report....The fact that your contrasted MRI does not show any enhancement means that this is NOT what is causing your symtoms at this time. You have every right to be scared- and anxious- but you cannot jump to conclusions that Obands, or anything else which has come back is definitive for MS.

I know you have alot of faith and its going to take ALL OF IT to get you through this overwhelming time. Please use that faith to believe that there is a strong possiblity that this is caused by your spinal may take a very long time for you to get a positive dx, and hopefully that dx will not be MS, but it sounds like you have an amazing support system, and amazing kids. No matter what happens, you will survive this.

I am SO on your side...and very concerned that you are making your symtoms worse by being so overwhelmed by this. I too, am going thru a "thing" right now, where I have to remind myself daily that "it is what it is" and there is nothing to be gained by worrying. Thats why we are all here, to get the support we need. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers- and that I sincerely hope that you find out that its not MS.

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