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Nerve Block "Happy Problem"?

I had bunion/Tailor bunion surgery on my left foot yesterday morning, specifically an Austin osteotomy 1st met and a reverse Austin osteotomy on the fifth met. I had a similar surgery on my right foot four years ago, and I suppose I went into this surgery thinking I knew what to expect. I have screws this time unlike the first time when I had K-wires. Now to my concern: This time around I was given the super-duper nerve block. I thought it would be similar to the last time where the pain was significantly abated for the first 24 hrs. but I could still feel and move my foot, but I was in error. I can't feel or move my foot and ankle. I was told the block can last up to three days.
So why am I complaining?? This is freaky! I'm very concerned I'll accidently do damage because I can't heel walk (not shouldn't, but can't due to no sensation/control) and have put my foot down for balance, but clueless if I'm hurting my foot. I'm basically trying to get around NWB with my walker to be safe. I did take vicodin yesterday, but decided I didn't need it......yet. My doctor said I could take ibuprofen, which I'm doing to help any swelling. Of course, I can't feel if it is swollen, and from what little I can see, which are only the toes, everything looks good. I'm icing and elevating constantly.

Soooo, as odd as this may sound, can anyone give me some reassurance through their own experience that I'll soon start feeling something? I remember being in agony about 36 hours after my last surgery, and my current situation seems a bit surreal. I appreciate your thoughts.

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