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Re: Nerve Block "Happy Problem"?


I've gone through a similar experience (nerve block wise)

In first stage recovery I was able to "wiggle my toes" but by the evening I had no sensation or movement in my foot.

My surgery by the sounds of it was more basic than yours but my advise would be:-

Follow your post OP advise/ surgeon's orders

I was told "weight baring as possible" I had a bone fragment removed, bone spur removed and a general wash out.

Like yourself because I wasn't in pain I moved around a fair bit. The only issue this caused me in the end was increased swelling and bruising.

In hindsight I would have stayed off my foot until the nerve block wore off and I would have kept it elevated a lot more. (foot generally higher than they heart) yes I'm aware that's not the easiest thing to do.

In regard to concern for your foot that's healthy, I couldn't move or get sensation out of my foot for the first 24 hours.

I rang the hospital for advise (I was a day surgery patient) as long as their is a healthy color and warmth in the foot you should be ok.

The nerve block took a good three days to wear off, I actually wanted it to wear off as like your report I was worried about it.

I didn't know what pain was until that happened, although I was happy to know exactly what I was dealing with.

That said, just keep up with your pain meds when then nerve block wears off, it's not worth "pushing through it"

I wish you will on your journey to recovery.