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Re: Nerve Block "Happy Problem"?

I had 2 subtalar arthrodesis and 1 fixator removal in between. I woke up during the fixator removal, long enough to hear the nurse telling me "it's okay. He's almost done. How long is that thing?" and the sound of what must have been a ratchet (that clicking sound they make when you turn them) as the surgeon removed the bolt from my Talus. After the second Subtalar Arthrodesis, I was sleeping on the couch and had one of those leg spasms, like when you feel as if you're falling and your whole body jumps. The muscles in my calf spasmed and the pain it caused in my ankle were horrid.
I'd say, if you aren't feeling anything (pain!) for the time being, you're lucky. Just keep it in a safe place and don't bump it around. Your first experience is a good guide, but surgeries won't always follow the same line. Do remember, your body talks to you. Listen to it and definitely ask questions and inform the doctor of what's going on.
I'd settle for sleeping for the first two months after my upcoming 3rd fusion, but I know that won't happen and wouldn't be good. I had general anesthesia, so I don't have any experience with how long nerve blocks last, or what happens as they wear off. Good luck and pay attention to your body talking to you.