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Re: Nerve Block "Happy Problem"?

Thank you for the replies. I know I should be grateful for the lack of pain, and I am thankful that I do not need the vicodin yet, and so feel relatively "normal".
Pilko - your response has reassured me that I'm experiencing a normal reaction. I read out loud to my husband your line regarding not knowing what pain was until the third day, to which husband replied "Hmmm". He apparently remembers last time around! I can wiggle my toes a bit and move my foot sideways, but not up and down. I am very good about ice and elevation as I know from my past experience it gave me the most relief. I had only very moderate swelling the first time and hope that will be the case again. I know from reading this forum that each surgery has its own unique recovery aspects, so I'm being the patient I can be. Thank you again for the replies.