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Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Originally Posted by positiveP View Post
Hi Haydena,
Oh dear, I was hoping to do the surgery asap! It is winter here now and no time to do it. I am sure it must be hot with cast on, but I am sure I can handle it, anything is better than living in pain forever To say one is excited about an operation sounds weird, and I realise this is a long haul to recovery, especially as both hands have to be done, but I am feeling positive now that this can be fixed. Thanks for all your help!
I see you have grandchildren. I only have step-grandchildren, my step-children have kids. My own children are 30 years daughter - no children career woman, my son is 23.
My daughter has bipolar disorder so quite risky to have kids as she has to come off her medication, not a good idea

take care
Hi Paola,

My daughter is expecting her first child in 1 week. This will be my first grandchild. I am sorry to hear your daughter has bi-polar & has stopped taking her meds.

As long as you are wearing a cast, you should not drive. We are not insured to drive here with a cast on either one of our hands. You need to find out the laws about driving with a cast on in SA.

Whilst your hand is in a cast, you should not be using it at all, for anything. You need to rest the hand so it will heal properly.

When your cast comes off your hand, you will go into some sort of splint/hand guard. Either you will be allowed to remove this for showering or not. I was not allowed to remove my splint. I wore a plastic sleeve over my arm that reached my shoulder, for showering.

I did not use my hand for about 5 weeks & I healed really well. We all heal at a different pace & you need to ask your surgeon when you can use your hand.

The recovery process of this surgery is not difficult & can be done if you rest your hand.

Any more questions, dont hesitate to ask.

Take care,