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Question Older sister with Borderline Personality Disorder

hi, I live at home with my parents and my older sister. My sister has Borderline Personality Disorder and can't function on her own, so she is still living with us. Its really hard to deal with her tantrums and meltdowns and freak outs. We've had to call the cops a few times and she's been sent to the ER numerous times.
She is currently in DBT and CBT but it doesn't seem to be helping a whole lot.
It's like she has the maturity of a 7th grader, verbal filters like a 1st grader, and can't even take responsibility for her actions and words.
Its like living in a war zone every day, not knowing if bombs are going to go off or whether there is going to be open fire on you and everyone around you.
Does anyone have any experience with siblings with BPD? Some moral support or just other peoples stories would be comforting to get me through this last year that I have to stay at home before I finish high school.

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