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Poor dorsiflexion after ankle arthroscopy

I recently had an ankle arthroscopy to remove a loose body and bone spurs, which had developed following multiple ankle sprains (causing an anterior impingement.)

I had the surgery as my dorsiflexion was very poor (my ankle wasn't moving past 90 deg towards my shin) so as a result I had been having problems with my foot, achilles and knee, due to a twisting motions when walking and running.

Anyway, I'm nearly two weeks post op now and I'm walking pretty well and can balance on one leg, calf raised.

However, my dorsiflexion is still very poor, and I'm getting the exactly the same feeling as I have before the surgery - the joint feels like it is 'locking out' when I lift my toes towards my shin.

So I'm wondering if anyone else knows if this is a normal problem at this stage? At the moment it's making me worried that the op hasn't sorted the problem.


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