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Cool Dealing with Fibro Pain

Hi everyone. I'm a Newbie. I was diagnosed in 1999. Been on disability since 2003. The judge allowed my disability for Fibromyalgia but mostly because I was "getting older" (I was 53 at the time) and I also had arthritis and back issues. I still consider it a "win" for those with Fibro.

I have gone through all the PM doctors in town. The one I'm going to now still doesn't understand my needs, but due to insurance constraints I have no other doctors I can go to. Florida is trying to crack down on the "drug addicts" out there and it has become very difficult to get the pain meds I need. I am taking Percocet 10/325mg. and I have continually told my doctor what she is prescribing isn't enough. I was taking the meds as needed. (I also have some other pain conditions I'm dealing with.) After my last appt. I told the nurse that I didn't know what to do for my pain. She told me to instead of taking the medicine as needed every 8-12 hrs., to cut the pills in half and take them regularly every four hours. This has made such a difference having a continuous amount in my body. I am able to get more done and it has helped with my other pains also. I also told my doctor that since she is my pain doctor, she should be treating all my pain issues, not just my Fibro. she should be consulting with the other doctors about my other conditions. She is having a hard time with this.

I also take Savella 50mg. twice a day, Nuerontin 600mg in am and afternoon, 1200 at night. I can't take Baclofen or Lyrica. I can't seem to get my insurance to authorize the muscle relaxants I need and my PM doctor "doesn't do" Prior Authorizations.

I also had breast cancer and I have Interstitial Cystitis, Pelvic Floor Pain Dysfunction, Irritable Bowel, possibly Lichen Sclerosis, Sickle Cell Trait, and some other conditions.

I'm learning alot from everyone and I empathize with many of you. I hope I have helped with what I've said. If I can be of further help with any of you who have any of my conditions, let me know.

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