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Re: petrified of throw up??

Originally Posted by Smart Blonde View Post
Hi! I'm 14. Ever since I was little I have been extremely scared of people or me throwing up. I used to lay in my bed and scream and cry when ever someone in my family did! Now, I still am really scared of it just not like that. Whenever someone in my family goes into the bathroom I find my self hopeing and fearing that they r about to pule! My heart starts pounding and I think the worse! I don't know y its scathe to me, but it is! And I don't know wat to do!!! No one in my family has gotten sick in like years so I don't know how I will react when they finally do!! Please help! Thank you'
@Smart Blonde, omg this is exactly how I am! I absolutely have a phobia about whenever one of my family members goes to the bathroom, especially at night. My heart pounds and I have to put my fingers in my ears so I don't hear it! And I am terrified of throwing up as well!! How have you been getting on?