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Could it be just migrains??

Just sharing thoughts
Up until now most of my 'ms' symptoms have been on my right side, most of my pain, weakness, and vision problems (blurring, flashing lights and eye pain), numbness & tingling. not too much happening on my left, not nothing but not much compared to my right.
Then last night while watching tv my vision started to blur and over 20 mins I went totally blind in my left eye!! I also couldn't grip anything with my left hand, i fell down a few times trying to get to my bed and was extremely dizzy. I freaked out! About 30mins later, intense flashing started, the kind I would normaly associate with a migraine. I thought the blindness ect. must be some weird, extreme migraine. I waited for the pain and vomiting to start but it never came. When I woke up this morning (12 hrs later) most of my vision has returned, flashing mostly gone. But today the weakness has started on my left side!
Maybe it was/is some kind of migraine, maybe this whole thing is migraine related. I did tell both neuros I get migraines and they both said it was unrelated but they both seemed to chalk it up to stress straight up so I don't trust them much any way.
I had 2 EEGs done to check for epilepsy wich were clear for epilepsy but showed an 'abnormality' or 'something'. I wonder what that was, if it's possible for migraines to show up on an EEG? It'd be nice to get some answers.

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