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Re: Could it be just migrains??

Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post
While migraines might be involved, due to the persistent of the problems you have been experiencing, I do not think that is the cause. I would certainly write down every symptom and ask the doctor. Have you been over to Bunbury yet?
I have a appointment with a neuro on the 6th aug, but haven't managed to get to bunbury yet, not enough energy lol. I wrote down a list of symptoms for my last neuro and his main reason for dismissing me was that I "had too many symptoms for it to be ms" he said for ms he'd "expect maybe just a weak left foot, or a numb hand for example" then he said " I dont know, I'd say it's sicosomatic but you're not stressed, so, who knows. But it's not ms. Come back if it happens again". Now I'm too scared to open my mouth lol. I'm hoping it's something like migraines but it may be wishful thinking.