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Re: Anxiety and burning mouth and tongue

i know the feeling, i totally dread mornings too. at night im ok, i bring my duvet down and lay it out on the carpet and watch dvd's with my little girls, its when im most relaxed and calm but then morning again i can feel the anxiety as soon as i wake up. i started with mine when i was 8 months pregnant last november, i had a really bad dry mouth too, my doctor sent me to ENT, the man said it was hormones and sure enough the week my daughter was born it just went away. i was symptom free until last week when it flared up again. there are a few things which help me, every morning i do a mouth rinse with bicarbonate of soda and water, i use biotene tooth paste, diflam rinse when the pain gets really bad, its a horrid taste but sort of numbs the pain, i also bought something on the internet called oasis mouth spray which i use if my mouth feels dry. have you tried any of these?