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Re: Chronic Pain

Hello Tom,
No one here is your pain management doctor and therefore it wouldn't be wise or prudent for any of us to suggest a dosage for you. That should only come from your treating physician. He or she is the one who knows your medical condition, your level of function and your past and current medical history , all of which impact your dosage needs.
If I were you, I would definately discuss the multiple trips to the ER for pain relief with him and together you and your physician can come up with better ways to manage your pain levels, in addition to making any necessary changes to your pain meds.
Do you also use other modalities to help reduce the pain? Heat, ice, physical therapy, TENS, spinal cord stimulation, swimming etc? There are many other avenues to managing pain in addition to using oral medications, all of which used together, help keep pain levels down and avoid unnecesary trips to the ER for high pain levels.
One thing that you may want to keep in mind, many, many PM doctors do not want their patients going to the ER for treatment of increased pain levels. And in the event that you do go, they want to be notified the very next business day, especially if you are given treatment and or prescriptions. Otherwise, if you are under contract, it can result in your being dismissed from their practice if you don't follow the rules in your particular contract, if you have one.
I would ask the treating doctor what he would like for you to do, if you haven't had that discussion with him yet, when you have increased pain that your pain meds aren't controlling at home. That way, you protect yourself and don't find yourself inadvertantly breaking your contract.
Are you taking your endocet regularly? If you are, all that really does is increase your baseline medication level, and won't work to relieve "breakthrough" pain levels. I also am allowed to take my breakthrough meds up to 6 times per day as well but only take them when nothing else works and they usually do a good job of bringing down my super high pain levels so that I can handle them.
Best of luck to you,

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