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Re: Chronic Pain

I definitely agree. I'd tell your PM doctor you've been needing to go to the ER three times a week (if they don't already know) and that your pain has been out of control, then see what they suggest. Don't mention meds or doses by name, unless they ask what has worked in the past for you, or you are telling them what it took at the ER to get it under control, etc. I don't know any doctor who would think its acceptable to go to the ER that often, nor do I know many patients who could afford that. I hope your doctor is helpful.

By the way, I see no reason why the ER doctor should have thought you would do better on certain meds than others. Your dose of the MSC could be increased and you could be given any number of stronger breakthrough meds, you could be switched to any number of long acting meds, etc. I think it is out of line that they told you to ask your doctor about two specific meds. Also, I think the fact that your doctor is prescribing six doses of breakthrough meds a day (unless you take more than one pill at a time) says that your long acing dose is too low. Thats a decent amount of acetaminophen.

You are very lucky you even got pain treatment at the ER (often they treat pain patients like drug seekers), especially after the first couple times...they could have easily said you have been in here X times in the last couple weeks and you need to follow up with your doctor.

If you have any doubts in your PM doctor, I urge you to seek out a new one. A good way to do this is continue to scheudle appointments and get meds with your current doctor, but schedule consults with other PM doctors. If you find one you like, make a follow up appointment to coincide with your next prescription due date, then cancel any contract you may have with your current PM doctor (a certified letter is a good way if you can't do it in person).

Be sure not to get any meds or sign a contract with the new doctor until cancelling an old contact. I'd hope that your PM doctor continues to try you on non opiate options like injections, adjunct therapies, and adjunct meds, unless all those have truly been exhausted. Often one doctor does not have all of the options in mind and it can take several doctors and many years to do this. Hope you have better pain control soon. Best wishes.
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