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Reactive Arthritis, anyone?

Hello all, I have been creeping around your boards for a week now & have finally decided to register. I suppose I'll introduce myself first, I am a 23 recent graduate . I have been in generally great health all my life so the recent deterioration of my health has been pretty stressful & caused great anxiety. Upon returning from Cleveland (around June 10th) I'd developed a sinus infection & noticed my joints made a cracking sound every time I moved. Then random joints/body parts began to ache, first my right elbow & upper back & has finally progressed to my spine (upper isnt so painful- but the lower back is really bad.

I saw a dr & she accused me of being depressed & missing my bf (he has moved to CLE to begin a new job) & gave me a Rx for the antibiotic & ran the standard Autoimmune tests (all which were negative), Xray of my back to check for SA & sent me on my way. It's been a few weeks & the pain has only gotten worse. The dr had advised me to take 2 Aleve 2xday & I did that until I had acid reflux (I've stopped the aleve). A few days ago it was raining all over central Texas & I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head so I went back to the dr & again talked about my muscle/joint problems in addition to sinusitis & he prescribed me Augmentin 875 mg & diclofenac 50mg & I've now found out that I have a UTI (didn't start exhibiting sx until a few days ago). I had my PAP & STI/HIV workup 2 wks ago-I'm clean. Now finally, I have seen a dr & expressed my concerns about possible Reactive Arthritis & he advised me to keep w the Augmentin & take Glucosamine (which I've already been taking; best friend has RA & recommended it) & to check in w him next week. Sorry for the long winded post, but I'm so desperate to figure out whats wrong w me. It's quite discouraging being told by health professionals & family & friends that its all in my head when it isn't. I feel like I'm not being taken seriously & fear I'm coming off as a hypochondriac. My right hip is now becoming stuck, along w my right elbow & my left knee is now beginning to swell. My mornings are just terribly stiff & good, restful sleep is hard to come by these days. Has anyone else experienced similar frustrations, or care to share their ReA stories? I'm feeling alone in this.

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