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Re: Unprofessional or just uncaring?

I've been on it (or other similar medications) for about 9 years or so now. Honestly, the 15mg only works about 70% of the time. I know some folks can stay on the same dosage for 20 years and not experience any tolerance, but many others (like myself) could stand to have it bumped up a few mg after a while.

The Acetahminophen is under the 2g per day safety recommendations so I am not entirely worried about it. Plus I have my liver and kidney functions tested regularly to make sure all is well.

I suppose it depends on the doctor as far as what is considered a massive amount to be taking. I saw one about 6 years ago that would scoff at the dose this doctor is freaking out about.

It also depends on the patient/person, too, imo. Everyone's tolerance is different. Mine has always been rather stout. I'm not a small guy either. Heh.