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Re: Unprofessional or just uncaring?

I'm sorry this doctor isn't listening. I hope you can find someone for a second opinion. Maybe your GP would even be able to help you out. I can understand a doctor wanting to cut down or not increase meds, but they need to have some sort of solution for you to try. There are plenty of alternative treatments, injections, adjunct meds, etc, which could be helpful. Even if tried in the past, maybe something has changed, or a different combo could be tried. Hope you get relief soon. My only suggestion for magic words is to explain your pain levels, what they are from (this pain pre existed the injury that required surgery), what they prevent you from doing, etc. Have you searched your insurance website for PM docs that you may be unaware of in your area?

I disagree that LA meds are only for patients at the end of their life, but they also aren't appropriate until many other treatments have been tried. If you have already gone through a multitude of treatments, bringing in those records to document how you did on them could be helpful. But overall I think its ridiculous for a doctor to drop meds when the patient isn't doing better and not have any better ideas.

I've sure had that happen to me...I spent about a year interviewing PM docs and all but one said they would take me off my pain meds (or drop the dose a lot), yet they didn't have any ideas for treatments I hadn't tried. When I asked how I was supposed to function if I was barely handing in there on the meds I was on, they had no answer. They were more concerned if I was on this many meds at 25/26, where would I be in a couple decades. I have hope for medical advances.

Finally found the doctor I'm with now who thought it was prudent to switch around my meds with a slight increase, plus try more therapies I haven't tried yet. I'm lucky to be in a major metro area with at least six PM docs within reasonable driving distance though. There may be a helpful doctor who isn't a PM specialist though. You just need someone who is willing to try to treat your pain, whether that treatment includes pain meds or not. I'd give this doctor one more shot. You may need to stick with them to at least get something while you interview new doctors though.

As long as you don't get meds or sign a contract at a new doctor (all the ones I saw agreed to consult with me without a contract, even though they all asked me to sign one as part of new patient paperwork, even before meds were offered), you should be good. Best wishes.
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