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Re: FrontoTemporal Lobe Dementia? Anyone?

I hear that! My mom, too, was being kicked out of here and kicked out of there; no one seems to know how or is able to deal with unruly behavior and everyone just passes the buck. Are people like this, with a dementia or head injury resulting in certain behaviors, being essentially discriminated against when they aren't afforded the same rights to good and humane care as other people with diseases and injuries? Interesting question.

I just thank God that I *am* able to care for Mom myself now; I got her out of the so-called "rehab" (where she'd otherwise be housed on the wing with violent crazies and doped into a stupor, if not outright abused, which she ALSO was in one facility, I'm sure) and back home where I can tolerate her behavior and, again thank God, have found a couple of good caregiver (CNAs) who understand dementia and don't take her yelling, insults, and even combative behavior personally. It's not at all easy, but we're doing it.

JMHO, but it's her son's responsibility to care for his mom. So he lives far away? Then he needs to either move closer to her or bring her closer to him and oversee her care. I find it inexcusable that he's burdening an old lady (your mother at 77 and probably health problems of her own) with the oversight of your aunt. I'm not sure what else to suggest; it sounds like she has a very typical case, but one long misdiagnosed! Sad...