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Prostatitis and PSA HELP PLEASE!!

Thanks in advance for reading this post! Please reply if you can be of help!
I am 54 years old with PSA readings being between 1.3 and 2.7 over the last 10 years. Last August it was 2.0
Got up @2:00AM April 12th and could barely pee. Started running a fever, chills, back ache etc. Never had anyting come on this fast or anything that acted like this. Dr. called in 3 weeks of Bactrim assuming proctatitis. Symptoms got better in 3-4 days. Went in for PSA after 3 weeks of medication and PSA was 20.5. Remember it was 2.0 8 months ago!Was not happy that the DR. wanted another PSA in just 1 more week so I changed Dr's. This second one put me on 6 weeks of Cipro. I have been off the Cipro now for 1 month and had another PSA which was 8.8. Good news is that the PSA is falling! Questions I have are as follows:
I have been referred to a Urologist because the second Dr. said I may have PC and he suggested the possibility of a biopsy. If the PSA has fallen over the last 3 months shouldn't I give it more time to see if it continues downward? Is it possible I still have some infection even though things are much improved? How long after an attack of accute proctatitis will it take for PSA levels to return to normal? What are the chances that this is cancer?

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