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Re: Prostatitis and PSA HELP PLEASE!!

Sometimes it takes 2 months of Cipro to bring down the PSA depending on how bad the Prostatitis was. It sounds like yours must have been really bad it your PSA went to 20! So they are just being causious by doing a biopsy. The chances that it is cancer is minimal since your numbers came straight back down with Cipro treatment. Good thing you decided to switch doctors because Prostatitis is never treated with Bactrim. Seems like that doctor was actually treating you for a UTI (urinary tract infection) than Prostatitis. I would get the second opinion from the Urologist since that is what they specialize in, but a biopsy is usually performed if they cannot get your PSA to come down with Cipro, but your is. You might need another month of treatment, then you should be good to go! Hope everything goes well for you!!