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Re: TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences

I hope the journey for you gets better soon...

As far as the scabs coming off, Mine started coming off on day 5, and everyday after a little more, I was no longer in any type of pain from day 7 and on... I did not experience any added pain as the scabs came off nor did I even realize they were gone until i looked. I am now on Day 27, back to normal, eating normal except for anything to crunchy I am just not brave enough to try that yet lol.

Only advice I can give, switch to liquid tylenol if the Lortab makes you nauseous. I wasnt even taking the whole 2 TBSP's of Tylenol and what pain I did have was gone in 5 mins... I also drank as much as possible especially the first 2 weeks, ate lots of oodles of noodles, pudding, icecream, mac and cheese, pasta with butter. I stayed away from anything saucy or to much spices...

It should get better from here on out, stay resting for a few more days... Keep us posted

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