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Re: Unable to walk much or stand for long

It seems to me as if everyone I talk to has or had some sort of spine trouble before the Fibro. Example, if not an actual spine injury then I hear them say they have scoliosis, if I spelled that correctly. Then it seems as if it all eventually affects the nerves. Not sure there is any real insight in this because in my family there seems to be a thread of Lupis also. All the doctors want to give me hydrocodone, and I keep a script of it on had for the times when I can do nothing but lay down and cry, but I refuse to take them on a daily maintenance level.

My sisters and I would be a perfect study in all this because there are three of us all by different fathers and have the same problems. I was raised by my grandmother she had bad knees but my mother (not related to my grandmother) had the same problems that I do.

I am studying all the time and am just taking supplements etc and trying to keep moving for the time being. This is all really frustrating.