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Re: Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating

Originally Posted by missspring View Post
I have had the exact same problem for as long as I can remember. My dad did, too, and at age 53 got his tonsils out. It cured everything.

I am 20 and just got them out 7 days ago. I'm hoping it will cure my problems, too, my ENT said it will.

It is an extremely painful surgery, but well worth the week of pain for a lifetime of good breath and no more nasty little smelly tonsil stones.
Hi Missspring,
Thanks for the reply! Did the ENT take your adenoids out, too? I just saw the ENT and scheduled my tonsillectomy, and he's going to also take the adenoids. My surgery won't be until August, but I'm excited to be able to breathe again and not have bad breath! Please let me know when you're healed up if this cured you. Thanks again!