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Re: First Neuro Appt. Tomorrow

Thank you again to everyone for their advice, and well wishes.

I prepared my lists of symptoms, concerns, etc. and felt like I was prepared for this appointment. Unfortunately, I'm left with a less than positive impression.

He quickly said that he went over my file, my referral, and some of the symptoms the last Dr. had noted. He did a few strength tests, (arms and legs), and then a sensation test. He then went on to say that perhaps it was b12/folate problem. Now normally I would understand this, but b12 has already been ruled out previously by not only by GP, but a gastroenterologist as well. This was the only test that he wanted to run as an MRI referral could wait until the next appointment I saw him. (I would assume it's probably at least another month or more to get back in)

I asked him if it was okay to tell him some of my symptoms as I felt that he was about to shoo me out. I got my list out, and proceeded through some of the things, my main thing being my legs (more so the right) and the spasticity. When I told him that it felt like I was unable to move my leg the way I want to because of the tightness and it not allowing proper movement, he looked at me like I was crazy. I felt like I was pulling teeth just to get him to listen.

After listening I guess he did a gait exam, but honestly, it was all of 2 metres long. Am I wrong to think that this is a pretty short distance to really gauge someones gait?

He then went on to tell me that I'm weaker on my right side, have a duller sense of sensation on my right, lack of balance with eyes closed, and that he was going to order a MRI for the head and spine today (Finally-yay!). So that was at least good news, now I just wait to see when that appointment is scheduled for.

He left to fill out the requisition forms, and then never came back so I wasn't able to ask him any questions regarding anything. The receptionist handed me a blood test form and that was that.

Is it wrong to feel that he didn't have a good bedside manner? I feel as if he wasn't very thorough, but I could definitely be wrong.

Thanks for letting me rant!!!