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Re: Help with Withdrawal

I was on loratabs for 4 yrs 10/500mg I took myself off in december and it took me about 45 days to not have the urge but I detoxed pretty quick. I do have cronic pain and after speaking with my docotor we tried other meds that did not help with my pain and I did nt want to go back on those or others. I chose to take suboxon twice a day it helps my pain level off to a good rate and I do not feel te need totake a tab or any other pain meds.even though suboxon is mainly treated for detox it helpsa wih pain if you ise it right and do not abuse it. i will say I am proud of you and to ahnh in there it is a tuff battle but you are alomist iut if the cleaer. your sweeting and shacks come fro the opiates that are in tabs that will go away soon I took allot of Ibuprofrin to help me out will t went off and drank allot i mean allot of cranbeery juice and chocolate milk. Good luck and you already know you can break thehabbit.