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Re: Still not getting answers about heart!

Greetings, I am sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. I would at least see if a daily one hour walk in sunshine to tolerance before 10 a.m. or after 2 p.m. is useful. I would also walk a few minutes before meals and start slowly working to a brisk walk and ending slowly. I would start the walks with only a few minutes per day adding to the minutes daily. This may strengthen the heart a bit and the melatonin and exercise may help a person sleep better. Also I would avoid any computer monitor or T.V. screens one hour before bed time the light may interfere with a deeper sleep. I would also eat the last meal of the day several hours before bed and only a light meal with a peice of fruit and a peice of bread. If food is eaten late it can give bad dreams and interfere with sleep. Sleeping more deeply in the first place may help a person with health. A daily cool or tepid shower in summer and a bit warmer in winter may allow a kind of sedative action to the nerves and relax a person but it might be better in the morning on awakening. Peace, sjb