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Re: Adie's Tonic Pupil Eye Patch

Originally Posted by Laura1000 View Post
Hi, my pupil/iris no longer functions in my right eye.
Just in case it's helpful to anyone, my surgeon has carried out a 'pupilloplasty' procedure for me. This means my pupil is stitched into one size permanently at about 4mm.
We did this to try to help the symptom of photophobia, but for some people it can also help imporve acuity a little and of course the cosmetic improvement.
Maybe worth a chat with your eye doctor, see what the options are for you.
In my case, I had a choice of a permanently dilated pupil or one permanemtly at 4mm.
Best wishes
Laura, I have a permentantly dialated pupil and am interested in the pupilloplasty, where did you go to have it done? Do you need any drops or meds or was it just a one time thing? Thanks