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Re: Giant Liver Hemangioma

Hi Newbie:

I am wondering how you are doing and if you have found any helpful treatments? I was just diagnosed with a giant hemangioma (9x11x13cm) as well as three smaller ones around 3 to 5cm in my liver as well as an egg-sized adrenal ademona. Quite a shock - and so little information out there esp. on the giant hemangioma. Although I do have symptoms (some back and chest pain, shortness of breath, difficulty sitting still for too long etc...) my strategy is to avoid any surgery if at all possible. Would love to know if there are any natural ways to shrink these things. I have heard that long term birth control use is a culprit (cause) so I stay away from anything with hormones (dairy and soy) and to help my liver, do not eat processed foods and am on a paleo diet. I do feel better since going this route - but not sure it has changed these shape of size of these "gifts"! I Any ideas, successes, information you (or others) have would be great!