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What's going on? Hashimoto's?


I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of what's going on. I have been referred to an Endo by my doctor mostly because my TPO ab was high.

My labs are as follows:

TSH 2.7 Normal (.5 - 5.0)
T4 12.5 High (4.5 - 12.0)
T3 Uptake 21 Low (24 - 39)
Free T4 2.8 Normal ( 1.2 - 5.0)
TPO Ab 515 High (0 - 34)
Antithyoglob Ab < 20 Normal (0- 40)

I have always had trouble losing weight and have always been very fatigued with stiff joints. I also have struggled with anxiety my whole life.

Lately I feel like things have gotten worse. My joints have become stiffer than usual and I have lost a lot of the strength in my hands. I have been craving salt and have had the urge to urinate often (tested negative for uti both instances this occurred, not pregnant). My hair and skin have become dry, I've never had dry skin before until recently. I have had issues concentrating and have been running a lot of low grade fevers with more than usual lack of energy and fatigue.

Does anyone know if this could be hashi's? And if there is a natural way for me to manage some of these symptoms until I get the chance to see an endo?


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