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Re: Problems adding T3 to Synthroid?

I've been thinking more about this today, and I'm starting to think it could be the T3 is pooling. An hour and a half after my last dose at 5:30 was the first I noticed the symptoms that are associated with it: elevated pulse, thumping heart feeling (which I did mention prior), and some anxiety. I took a small bit of melatonin last night mainly because I had to after all the naps I also had to take earlier in the day. If melatonin counteracts cortisol, it could have further exposed the low cortisol cause of it pooling.

Of course, the CT3M method I'm on was meant to address the low cortisol problem. But I also haven't been on it long, and I've only been staying at the hour and a half mark, which is the least powerful spot. Additionally my waking time (10 am) isn't normal and some believe that causes a problem with the cortisol rhythm.

My plan for now is to wean slowly off the T3, and if I can I may stay on 6 - 8 mcg. If anyone has an understanding of the CT3M protocol for this to make sense, I'd then take 2-3 mcg T3 before bed, and take the rest 4 hours before waking, starting from the other side of the window. These seem to be the most "bang for your buck" spots to take T3 in order to raise cortisol, without taking so much T3 to cause pooling.


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