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Re: Faintness spells, even after recovering from anorexia?

Originally Posted by Free03 View Post
I am 20 years old, and have recovered from anorexia. I was anorexic a year ago and it lasted for almost 8 months. I had a few faintness spells, where I would begin to black out, and feel extremely light-headed and weak, but NEVER actually passed out. I went to ER a few times because of this, but all of my blood work came out normal. Now, fully recovered, and at a healthy weight, I still have these faintness feelings. I never black out, but i feel very light headed and weak, and nervous. Then I think to myself that I may have a health problem because of my anorexic past, and it makes the spell worse. I wonder if it is anxiety, as I have a history of it. But I want to see if anyone else has felt this way after recovering, and if they found out what it was from?

I am in a similar situation as you - I'm 22 years old and am in therapy for anroexia and depression. But even though I'm regained the majority of my weight back, I constantly feel weak, lethargic, tired, dizzy and/or lightheaded. My parents believe it is due to not eating enough and my GP agrees with this. What do you believe yours is due to?