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Re: HIV question

Thank you for that info! It's very relieving to know that it's only while a person is actually on chemo that they should worry about the test validity. At this point it's actually been about 8 months since that encounter--I never went back to get the 12 week test as the nurse assured me that I was probably fine after 8 weeks. It's just something that's been going through my mind a lot recently, since the new symptoms like the acid reflux--I wonder if I have a phobia, lol! Do you think if I was one of the rare people to have had a false negative at 8 weeks, that any symptoms would have shown up by now?

Btw, I think part of the reason I get scared about this is that I had an extremely rare form of cancer for someone my age, and I just think sometimes that I am jinxed when it comes to health--like the normal rules don't apply to me. Thanks so much for your help!