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No problem. I'm just going by what my doc has told me after the bazillion questions I have asked her. I too felt horrible too because having an std makes you feel disgusting. My doc said 70 percent of adults have hpv. The crazy thing is that men are natural carriers of it. I have only slept with 3 people in my life so I got it from one of them obviously. My doc said it does not affect them unless they get warts. Unless they get warts it's harmless....unfair I think. For women we will get it and for most our immune system will kick it out, others it won't and it will progress. Again, this is all from my doc and her nurse. When they tell you the result of your biopsy it could come back as mild to moderate or severe. I think if your doc did a biopsy though it means there are precancerous cells (from my understanding). Hope this helps!