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abdominal pressure during sex..? due to presence of hymen??

Hi. So when my boyfriend of over a year started fingering me many months ago, it used to be so painful that he couldn't even get his finger in an inch. At the time I was also unable to get a tampon in. Then out of no where, he was able to finger me (get his finger in pretty deep) with very little pain and I was also able to put a tampon in. I figured that my hymen was broken after that but now I'm not so sure. I didn't use tampons again until about 2 months ago and when pushing them in there is no pain but I feel like something is stretching up inside me as I do it. It seems like my hymen has just stretched, but that leads me to my next issue.
My BF and I had sex about 3 months ago and it hurt a lot in the beginning but then it got better. I bled a little bit after so I figured it had popped. Any thoughts??
My last issue is every time we have sex (about 6 times now) its so painful in the beginning and after a few times of pushing it in, it's fine??
In almost EVERY position we try, I get this VERY uncomfortable abdominal pressure that kinda feels like I'm being punched from the inside. This mosty happens when I am on top, not when we're doing doggie style or something similar. I've tried flattening my stomach by pressing down my hands but that only helps for a few secs. It also triggers this hormonal thing that makes me feel like I'm going to cry even thou I'm not upset or in pain, can't control it
Because of this I haven't been able to make him *** during sex but have no problems getting him to *** with a handjob or blowjob. Please please please give your thoughts, I really don't know what to do so any advice would help, thanks!!

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