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Smile Re: I'm producing too much milk

Too much milk is a blessing!! It has been a long time since I nursed my babies-actually before it was popular. My niece is breastfeeding and producing much milk. Freeze this extra and you can leave your baby with a baby sitter, or if you have to do back to work, you can have it to feed the baby while at work. Your milk will probably slow down after the baby is older and he/she doesn't need as much. It will self regulate. However, the advantage of too much milk is to freeze it, if you get ill with something that
will cause the baby trouble.
With one of mine, I got breast infection complete with 104 temp., doc gave me vancomycin and wanted me to cease and desist. I informed him that I got the infection while nursing and that the med would to through my milk to keep my baby from getting sick sick with it. Baby never got sick and I kept nursing. But there are times when you're very sick and have to go to the hospital, that the frozen milk is very convenient,

Know a young mother who works on weekends at night, freezes her milk, and her spouse feeds the baby with the frozen milk while she is at work. He doesn't mind this as it gives him a chance to have that wonderful closeness one feels while feeding their baby.

Keep on!!!!