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Re: surgery again for osteochandral defect!

The most common NWB period after drilling/microfracture is about 6 weeks, at least from what I've read and heard. Some go as long as 8 weeks NWB, and my doctor had me bearing weight in a boot after just 2 weeks, which I thought was pretty aggressive, but not compared to your doctor! Note that before my doctor cleared me for WB he checked my ankle motion and took an X-ray of it. And then I didn't listen to him and kept using crutches to stay PWB (in the boot) until about the 4th week, and stayed in the boot for 6 weeks.

If your doc does a cadaver plug, how long you are NWB may depend whether they have to cut your tibia or fibula to implant the graft. If they don't cut either leg bone, your NWB period might be shorter. If they have to cut a leg bone, I think 6 weeks NWB is the minimum and it could be longer.

My non-expert opinion is that if your first surgery failed because you walked on it too soon or didn't get enough bleeding into the defect, etc., then a second drilling or MF might work. If it failed because the defect was too big for MF the first time around, then a second drilling is unlikely to work now that the defect is bigger. Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor.

Edit: If they cut the fibula or tibia, you will probably be in a split for 7-10 days, then a cast for 5-6 weeks, then a boot for some weeks after that.

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